Royal Canadian Legion #271

Wednesday Night Mixed Darts League


Every Wednesday night at 7 pm, our games get underway. The nine games are all "501", and are "fly in, double out". Closest to the center of a single dart from each captain wins the right to throw first, and the losing team keeps score for the first game. Scorekeeping alternates between teams after that.

The first 3 games include all 3 players on each team. The next is a pairs game between the #1 and #3 player on each team, then the #2 and #3, then the #1 and #2. The final 3 games once again include all 3 players on each team. This way everyone gets a one game break during the evening.

Score sheets are provided at the start of each game night, and these indicate the night's team pairings and assigned board number. The stats are totalled on the sheet and signed to end the night. The statistician provides updated stats and standings compilation usually within a day or so on this website and by emails, as well as in printed form at the next darts night.