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Thursday Night Darts League

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Thursday Night Competitive Darts is a League for players who want to focus a bit more on the game play than the social aspects that prevail in most leagues. This is not planned for a "super league" level of play, and we require players of all skill levels in order to attain good team balance.

The teams are paired players and arranged after registration and before the season games start by the league executive. We use statistics generated during the previous series to determine the players skill levels, and use that to attempt to create teams that are as close to balanced as possible.

The teams will be playing 15 games each Thursday night from early in September and may continue through as late as the end of April. If you are interested in participating, drop by on registration night.

The 2022 - 2023 season will begin with registration on September 1st at 7:00pm at Legion 271 in St. Albert. The regular season games begin the following week, September 8th at 7:00 pm.

Cost to register for the year is $30, and an additional $5 is paid as dues each week and to develop the prize fund for the end of the year awards.

Spare players are called out by our Spares Captain as needed. So if you'd like to come out and play with us as a spare, call our Spares Captain (check the "Contacts" page) to be put on his Spares List. There is no charge at all for spares to play. Note: We need spare players of all skill levels.

Note: Check the News Page frequently for changes that may be possible at any time during the season.


Games will get underway at 7:00pm each Thursday night at Legion #271 on Tache Street in St. Albert. Dates are shown on the Calendar. Check the Contacts page for directions to this location.

The scoresheets are made available at the night's active dartboards and they indicate the board number and team pairings for the night's games. There will be 4 doubles games, then 2 singles games, 3 doubles games again, 2 more singles games and then the final 4 doubles games. This gives an early and late break for each player.

For each set of doubles games, the "A" player from each team diddles for the middle for the right to throw first in each set of 3 or 4 games. When a player finishes a game, the player who is next in the throwing order throws first in the next game of the 3 or 4 game set.

Players diddle for the middle to start every singles game. Each player chalks their own scores.

All games are 501, fly in double out (FIDO). The stats are recorded and totalled on the score sheet and signed to end the night.

The statistician provides updated stats and standings compilation within a day (actually, usually within an hour or two of the last games ending) on this website and by emails, and printed copies are available at the next darts night.

Constitution & Bylaws

Constitution, bylaws, meeting minutes and other documents relating to League operation.

Constitution & Rules, rev2022B
Revised August 30, 2022. Usually revised after AGMs or at other times when decisions are made that require changes to our League's procedures and rules.