Eagles 2102 Darts League

Dart Links

Check also this link to helpfulinfo.html and its links to useful charts, setup dimensions, rules etc

Darts Leagues and Associations:

Legion #271 Tuesday Night Mixed Darts League

Legion #271 Wednesday Night Mixed Darts League

Legion #271 Thursday Night Competitive Darts League

Edmonton City League

Edmonton City League Facebook

Inter-Pub Darts League

Tactics Association of Edmonton

Darts in the Park (Sherwood Park)

National Darts Federation of Canada

Darts Alberta

Darts Alberta Facebook

Webcam Darts Association

St. Albert Legion #271

St. Albert Eagles #2102

Spr. Gr. Legion #281

Stony Pl. Legion #256

Local Dart Stores

Let me know about other worthy St Albert and Edmonton area dart stores so I can add them to this list...

Jacks are Wild In Edmonton at 17222 - 107 ave - very good selection, excellent prices.

River City Games 1: West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170 Street NW #2964 Edmonton and 2: Kingsway Garden Mall NW Edmonton

Britcan Darts (Calgary) #101 1803 60th St. SE Calgary

Online Dart Stores:

Online stores that some of our players have tried, and found them to be reliable and have good selections and often less expensive...

Darts Corner

Perfect Darts

Pure Darts

A180 Darts

A-Z Darts An alternative if there is something specific you can't find at the British sites.

Costco Costco's online store is a good place to buy Winmau Blade boards.

Dart Manufacturers:

To see a much wider picture of what each manufacturer offers and their specifications it is best to go directly to their website.

Shot! Darts Superb looking and very high quality control.

Unicorn Darts Many pro player darts, Sigma darts etc.

Target Darts Many pro player darts, Carrera series, Storm darts etc.

Voks Darts Wierd / strange / beautiful darts, everything from Mosquito to Habayusa and Overlord; interesting ELC rotation system darts.

SuperDarts Pro player darts, Very good looking darts from Norway.

Cuesoul Darts Fighting Soul Mars darts and many others.

Bulls Darts Many pro player darts, many others

Winmau Darts Huge variety of everything dartish, including many pro player darts.

Mission Darts Great lineup of very nice looking darts and everything else.

Nodor Brands Large variety of darts including many rebranded for other companies ie Designa, etc

Monster Darts Wide spectrum of dart styles.

Bottlesen Darts Hammerhead series, Kickass, Shark Skins, custom coloring.

Harrows Darts Huge variety of darts and dart stuff.

Dart World Piranha and Piranha Razor Grip darts etc.

Retriever Brands Large variety of darts including many rebranded for other companies ie Pentathalon, etc