Webcam Darts Association

Information and Help

Introduction to the WDA

The Webcam Darts Association allows players from anywhere in the world to play darts. Any time of day or night you will always find someone online to play against in freindly competition. Their skill level will vary from beginners all the way up to professional players. You can always find someone to play, 7 / 24 / 365.

The site itself is totally free. Just get your board and camera set up, log in (you'll have to create a Google Plus account, and then create your online WDA name on your way in) and then... start playing.

The 10 British pound per year "tungsten membership" fee is totally voluntary and there is no pressure to join at all, ever. It is simply a way you can support the site if you wish.

The WDA on Facebook

The WDA has a member's Facebook page where you can chat about what's new in the WDA, tech issues, brag about your game, talk about your favorite pro players, whatever. The members on this FB site are extremely helpful. You'll want to drop by often to keep up with what's going on.

Just click on the second button from the left on the nav bar.

2many45s' WDA Help File (.DOC)

This document begins with a link to a brilliant little video by "Airmessy" that demonstrates getting set up for your first time on the WDA, then continues through many aspects of cam choice, hardware setup, and also goes through what to expect when you go online and what will be exptected of you... the "ettiquette" of WDA game play.

It basically answers pretty much every question you can think of. It is indexed so if you need an answer to a specific question just look at the index and go direct to the answer.

Just click on the third button from the left on the nav bar.

So... get started!

If you enjoy playing darts, but you find practicing alone is boring, then it's time you joined up! Go play against someone in Brunei or Qatar or Costa Rica or... wherever!

For interest... here's a link to my map of the world. The countries / counties / provinces / states that are colored are places I've played against just in the last few years.

This literally is a worldwide online darts association. To go there now, just click on the farthest right button on the nav bar!