Royal Canadian Legion #271

Tuesday Night Mixed Darts League

Setup Dimensions, Rules, Out Charts Etc.

The links below are to materials that would hopefully be informative or useful.

Frank's Out Chart for Less than Pro Players
FranksOutChart.gif V4.3 Most dart "Out" charts are tailored (Taylor-ed? LOL) to give the perfect most efficient solutions to finish a game. This new chart is finish solutions for players who haven't attained a high level of excellence in their play. Also read my Discussion on Out Charts V4.3 for the reasoning behind differences from other Out Charts. Also I've come up with a concept that makes your approach to 170 very simple to remember. You can read the whole thing to understand it, but all you have to remember is like one short paragraph that covers a pattern that works for numbers from 170 to 310. Check out "Approaching 170 Simplified".

The World Dart Federation's Out Chart
The WDF's Out Chart is what you will find on the World Dart Federation's website, under "Basics of Darts". I guess if anyone knows the ultimate solutions for good players, it's them!

The World Darts Federation Playing Rules
The WDF's Rules is a PDF format document of the rules of play from a darts authority.

Scorekeeper's and Shooter's Rules and Ethics
This is a compilation of many Leagues standards of Ethics and ettiquette concerning what to do / not to do while scorekeeping and shooting.

Dartboard and Oche Setup Dimensions
BoardAndOcheSetupDimensions-BDO.gif This is a picture showing how a dartboard and oche are to be set up, including distances.

Dartboard Dimensions
DartboardDimensions-BDO.gifThis is a picture pf the cross section of a dartboard, with dimensions shown by BDO Rules. It also shows calculations of areas of sectors as well as comparison of those areas by sector.