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Weekly scores and stats analysis and other information relevant to the processing of the League's schedule.

Stats Update to November 5 - 2020-2021 Series 1 Week 05.

The stats are normally updated within an hour of last game ending, but occasionally early next day.

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Current calendar, schedule and other information.                                        

Note: The schedule and calendar will both have to be updated once the current lockdown has been lifted, and we know more about when our games may resume.

2020 - 2021 Season Calendar

2020 - 2022 Season Schedule

2020-2021 Board and Table Arrangement - This setup of the Legion's main lounge area gives very good spacing between the games and players. Our league is restricted to that area and so is widely separated from the casual visitors to the Legion who go to the Sports Lounge, a separate room/area. This setup also allows for a wide path for the bartender's all important table service activities.