Legion 271 Thursday Darts League


News about current events in the League, about its players, upcoming events, etc.

January 12 2023 - Snowflake Open Tourney is Coming Soon!

The Snowflake Open Tourney runs from Friday February 3 through Sunday February 5 at the Edmonton Inn and Conference Center on Kingsway Avenue in Edmonton. Check out Darts Alberta's Snowflake Open Poster for more complete details.

December 23 2022 - Season's Greetings!

- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!! CU back at the oche on January 5th!

September 01 2022 - New Schedule now available.

- Check the bottom of the "Stats" page to see the new 2022 - 2023 Schedule version "A". Find out who your team mate is!

August 30 2022- New Constitution now available.

- Click on the "Home" link above and scroll to the bottom to see the newly released Constitution & Rules, rev2022B. This is the .DOC that governs our League's structure, game play and rules.

August 29 2022 - (updated) Discussion and decisions resulting from the AGM -

- The 2022 - 2023 season will start with registration on the first Thursday in September, in this case September 1st at 7:00 pm. The first Series 1 regular season games begin the following week on September 8th. (Confirmed.)

- All of the encumbent execs will continue through next year. (Confirmed.)

- There was discussion as to possibly limiting the size of our League due to several factors. The 28 player / 14 team roster size we went with through the 2021 - 2022 Season with is now confirmed as our team cap going into 2022 - 2023 as well.

- One ongoing discussion for this summer is how we handle Ghost scoring. The current system got us going for the first few Seasons but fine tuning / adjustment required thought. This has been discussed by the execs at lenth over summer. Those talks have resulted in a new incrementally graduated scale based on performance data. The new scale would give more help to players whose high end partners are missing, and quite a lot less to players whose less skilled partners are missing. It will be outlined in the new version of the Constitution which will be available on this website very shortly (in the next few days).

- The 2022 - 2023 Calendar (version C) is now available on the Stats page. Thursday dates have been firmed up to end of Series 02 (subject to unexpected change), and we'll have some weeks at the Season end to use possibly for a mini Series or other game structure to be decided later. The Schedule, of course, will have to wait until teams have been selected during the week after Registration.

I'll see you on September 01 for Registration! Cheers!