Thursday Night Darts League


News about current events in the League, about its players, upcoming events, etc.

February 25 2021 - Possible Reopening Soon!

Reading yesterday's Legion Branch Bulletin, they indicate that there is a possibility of reopening soon. Whether that means we can resume darts League activity won't be confirmed until the Legion assesses the coming Alberta incremental reduction of restrictions. So don't get your hopes up quite yet but check back here very regularly.... could happen SOON!

December 10, 2020 - Yet another Legion Closure Update

Today's Branch Bulletin let us know that the Legion is extending its closure until (at least) January 12:

"On December 8th the Alberta Government imposed additional mandatory restrictions due to Covid, which means that the Branch will now be closed until at least January 12th, 2021."

So... hopefully that will be the LAST of the lockdowns. As it is we need to adapt our schedule. As it was before this last extension, we had barely enough weeks before the start of May to run two complete round robin series, now we don't (even though it only cancels one more scheduled date for us!). We'll be adapting to realities as they come forward, but we'll have to decide how to handle the schedule.

Keep an eye on this page for further updates as things change!

November 25, 2020 - Extended suspension of game play

The AHS has extended and expanded the restrictions related to Covid-19 concerns. I've had some trouble tracking down precisely what is restricted and for how long but apparently it specifically mentions darts, and it *appears* to be a 3 week extension, starting Friday.

Which would mean no darts through December 18, when our last 2020 night of darts was scheduled for December 17th. So by what I can find, we're done playing darts until after our Christmas / New Year's break.

Update: Tonight's Legion Branch Bulletin confirms "This is the second time during the pandemic that I have had the unpleasant task of advising the membership that the Branch will be closed, effective Friday November 27th for at least a 3- week period." Only the office will remain open, and Kelly will be offering "curbsite service" for food.

November 17, 2020 - Site modified

The break in the schedule allowed time to change the structure of the website a bit. The main intent was to improve the view for visitors using smartphones... while preserving full functionality for all types of screen sizes, OSes and browsers. It's a difficult task, and requires compromises in every area. We're still looking for feedback, suggestions etc regarding site structure, just drop by the "contacts" page and email the webmaster. Thanks!

November 12, 2020 - Game schedule temporarily suspended

Before the Series 1 Week 06 night of darts got underway, the decision was made to suspend our game schedule until the AHS's new restrictions are eased. This may be a few weeks or a few months, there is no certainty on the time frame. Check back here for updates.

October 05, 2020 - Ready to go!

Registration took place on Thursday and this weekend the teams were created. The website and the stats spreadsheet are ready to go for the first series of the season. On the Stats page, the Calendar and Schedule are up to date, they will evolve over the next weeks. The Schedule has team names installed.

The "Round Robins" worksheet in our stats spreadsheet has been improved for various purposes (future league, jitneys and general use). For Darts Leagues and Jitneys, we now have certified perfect balanced schedules for 5 to 20 teams. This is a serious improvement on what we had before for many bracket sizes. If you are scouring the internet as I did and have found very little that is even close to balanced, give the Thursday Statistician an email (Contacts Page) and I can send it along to you.

See you Thursday for our first league games!! Have fun!